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Regain Cot (Malbec) 2019

Regain Cot (Malbec) 2019

The Wine: Regain Merlot 2019 Ostal Levant Regain Cot (Malbec) is a red natural wine made from Cot grapes grown on alluvial and limestone soils just south of the village of Prayssac in Cahors, Central France. Medium body red wine with notes of red fruit, tomato leaf, and white pepper. The Producer: Ostal Levant Ostal Levant is a project by Louis & Charlotte Perot located in Cahors, Central France. The Pérots left Paris and bought a house and winery and at the end of 2015 having spent some time with Simon learning how to work the soil and understanding the subtleties of the local grapes began to make wine. Their 2 hectares of vines are split into two plots of quite different terroirs: sand and clay at Duravel and at Prayssac a mix of limestone, red clay, and sandstone on the terraces above the Lot. Both plots are planted with Merlot and Malbec. Their winery is a cave dug into the limestone rock near their house where temperatures are perfect for aging their wines. From the beginning, the Pérots have worked their soils with respect and extended that to the fermentation and aging of their wines. (source: Gergovie Wines) The Region: Cahors, The Region: Cahors

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