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réka.koncz • Freiluftkino • 2020

réka.koncz • Freiluftkino • 2020

Incredibly rare, sought after and tiny production wine that is a Little Lands exclusive for the Eastside. "he German name for the wine translates to “open air cinema,” but from the DDR era (German Democratic Republic) not to be confused with Dance Dance Revolution. It basically describes the amphitheater vineyard planted to a field blend of Királyleányka, Riesling, Hárslevelű and Furmint. The base wine is from 2019 and the fruit from 2020 is the Liqueur de Tirage. Made in the traditional method, one year on the lees and disgorged once." Barabás, Hungary / Királyleányka, Rhine Riesling, Hárslevelű and Furmint

we'll let you know when it arrives

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