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réka.koncz • Eastern Accents • 2020

réka.koncz • Eastern Accents • 2020

Incredibly rare, sought after and tiny production wine that is a Little Lands exclusive for the Eastside. "In speaking with Annamária about this wine it was her desire to avoid the typical “Orange wine taste” as she put it. A placeless natural orange “yeah, I’ve had this before” kind of taste. Hárslevelű, when over macerated and picked too late can give off this corn smell that she would like to avoid at all costs as well. 2020 gave her a great opportunity to avoid both pitfalls. It’s also an admitted ode to Tom Petty’s “Southern Accents,” and another collaboration with some organically sourced Hárslevelű from the Mátra appellation – hence the multiple “accents” from two appellations in the East. The blend is 70% of the Mátrai Hárslevelű with 5 days of skin contact along with her own Királyleányka from Barabás. The sum is punched down a few times a day for 2 weeks keeping as many of the grapes intact as possible. Tons of fruit, aromatics and acidity. Has a wild edge but coaxed into balance and simply lovely to drink." Barabás, Hungary / Hárslevelű + Királyleányka

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