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Pét Native Gamay 2020

Pét Native Gamay 2020

The Wine: Pét Native 2020 Maison Crochet Pét Native is a sparkling natural wine made from 100% Gamay organic grapes grown in Bulligny, Lorraine, France. The vineyards are planted in Blaissières – limestone and clay soils. Direct press (whole cluster), spontaneous fermentation with native yeast, unfined, unfiltered, no added sulfites. Fizzy and fruity, serve chilled, and open carefully! The Producer: Maison Crochet Maison Crochet is a family-run winery located in Bulligny, a small village in Lorraine, about 30 kilometers southwest of Nancy (close to Toul). The 5-hectare estate has been converted to organic farming. All wines are released under the Vin de France denomination. Maison Crochet is fiercely independent and wants to retain the freedom of making wines that eschew appellations' unnecessarily strict rules. The Region: Lorraine, The Region: Lorraine

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