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Mufi Sparkling 2019

Mufi Sparkling 2019

The Wine: Mufi Sparkling 2019 Keltis Mufi Sparkling is a white natural wine made from a blend of Muscat, Plavac Mali, and direct pressed Rumeni Muskat and Rumeni Plavec vinified with the ancestral method, bottled unfined, unfiltered, with no added sulfites. Light and fizzy, very easy-drinking wine great as an aperitif. The Winery: Keltis Keltis winery is a 5-hectare estate located in the Posavska region of Slovenia, close to the border with Croatia and the city of Zagreb. This is an ideal area for vine growing thanks to Western winds ventilating the vineyards all year round - a natural ally against diseases - and a complex soil composition, which includes marl, sandstone, and limestone. The Region: Posavska • Slovenia, The Region: Posavska • Slovenia

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