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Michel Guignier Mystère de Rosée 2020

Michel Guignier Mystère de Rosée 2020

Producer: Michel Guignier Region: Beaujolais Cuvée: Mystère de Rosée Vintage: 2017 Varietal(s): Gamay Michel Guignier has been called a “bon sens paysan,” which translates literally to “peasant’s good sense,” but speaks to Michel’s deep intuition as a farmer and winemaker. His 7 hectare of Gamay vines in the forested village of Vauxrenard are vibrant with a diversity of flora and fauna, in stark contrast to the monoculture that can dominate Beaujolais. He is a perfectionist known for wines that float - ethereal and balanced and so delicious. “Mystère de Rosée” is a bit of an odd child in the Guignier lineup. 2017 was a complicated vintage, and true to his patience as a vigneron, Michel only released this in the autumn of 2019, once he felt it was ready. This is hand-harvested Gamay from 30 year old vines with an 18-hour maceration, giving this rosé incredibly pretty coloring. There is a surprise spritz of staccato acidity here, which contrasts with the otherwise long fruit character that defines Michel’s wines. This is light but has great depth of flavor, with red and pink fruits and stony minerality.

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