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Matija Žerjav a. k. a. Matic is the third generation of winemakers, and was only 24 when he took over the management of the winery - he is a young, motivated, and thoughtful winemaker. In the mountainous region of Štajerska, close to the borders with Austria and Hungary, Matic cultivates 9 hectares of vineyards using organic and biodynamic methods.He is part of a younger generation of winemakers not satisfied with the status-quo. While he understands and respects the history and methods passed down from his grandfather, he is also not afraid to take chances and think outside the box. In a region known for their steely fresh white wines, Matic thought to produce a single barrel each of Chardonnay, Laški Riesling, and Rhine Riesling. He’s also begun experimenting with skin-contact wines and aging wines in clay amphora rather than the traditional steel or wood. The wine-growing area in Štajerska is located in the so-called “mountain wine zone”, in which it can get very cold. The harsh winter is good for the vines because it disinfects the soil. The main factor is a sharp contrast between warm days and cool nights. Matic explains that the more marl there is in the ground, the less water the vines have, which means that their roots dig deeper and deeper. There are many mineral aspects to these wines - steely and salty with great acidity. There are no irrigation systems or fertilizers, just vines that fight in the best possible way and survive in harmony with nature.

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