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Luar Rosa 2020

Luar Rosa 2020

The Wine: Luar Rosa 2020 Bojo do Luar Luar Rosa is a rosé natural wine made from 60% Tinta Cão, 30% Vinhão, 10% Loureiro, 10% Other varietals. The two red grapes (Tinta Cão & Vinhão) were sourced from a small producer practicing organic viticulture in the Vinho Verde Region, located in Marco de Canavese. Since Vinhão is highly pigmented, the maceration time was kept at a minimum. Spontaneous fermentation was done in concrete and stainless steel with chestnut flowers and combined with 10% Loureiro (same as Doralice) to add zest and other aromatic notes. Minimal SO2 added at bottling (30ppm). Unfiltered. The Producer: Bojo do Luar The Bojo do Luar project came to life during a trip Savio made to the Vinho Verde region. Here he met Fernando Paiva, a biodynamic producer who has been experimenting with adding ground chestnut flowers to the grapes and must before fermentation began. Meanwhile he’s halted using SO2 altogether since 2017. Fernando is a regional reference for non-interventionist winemaking. He was the first Portuguese producer to acquire the DEMETER certification and through him Savio met another producer, Antonio Sousa, who practiced biodynamic viticulture, but still used traditional and conventional winemaking methods in the cellar. The Region: Vinho Verde, The Region: Vinho Verde

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