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Les Petites Mises • Amanduir • 2019

Les Petites Mises • Amanduir • 2019

I can't say this any better than Tutto Wines did, so - READ IT AND WEAP/BUY: "Macabeu from an eighty year old parcel planted over fine, silty soils down by the river, with a touch of Bourboulenc. The grapes were destemmed and fermented on the skins for a week, before being pressed off to glass demijohns until June. The name says it all here, the wine is a gorgeous shade of gold and displays delicate notes of almond, eucalypt and herbs. Compact and elegant, its firm tannins soften with air, revealing a complex wine where every little thing is in place." Languedoc, France / Macabeu

we'll let you know when it arrives

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