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La Villana Vino Bianco 2020

La Villana Vino Bianco 2020

Type: White Producer: La Villana Country: Italy Region: Lazio Grape: Procanico/Trebbiano/Malvasia/Roscetto/Vermentino Year: 2020 Farming: Organic Primarily Procanico, with a small amount of Trebbiano Toscano, Malvasia, Roscetto and Vermentino this white is foot crushed and directly pressed. There's a mysterious and quite fascinating opaqueness in the glass, and notes of lemon verbena and melon on the nose. One side of Procanico seems to offer tropical melon and lychee, and the other delivers fresh, tart acidity to balance the fleshy texture and viscosity.

we'll let you know when it arrives

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