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Kisi Amber Wine 2020

Kisi Amber Wine 2020

The Wine: Kisi Amber Wine 2020 Artana Kisi Amber Wine is a skin-contact white wine, made from 100% Kisi grape varietal grown in the village of Kistauri, Kakheti region. Kisi became almost extinct by the year 2000, a result of the Soviet preference for Rkatsiteli. Fortunately, some 50-60-year-old vines still exist in the Telavi district, with more being planted. Artana Kisi is fermented and aged in Qvevri - large terracotta amphorae - unfined, and unfiltered. The Producer: Artana From Artana's website Dimitri (Tito) Rcheulishvili’s name is associated with introducing several foreign varieties of vines, including Cabernet, to Georgia. Dimitri Rchulishvili was a successful engineer, who worked on projecting and building railway roads in Manchuria and eastern Russia. Soon after its completion, the railroad was tested by Emperor Nicholas II of Russia. He was so satisfied with the work that awarded Dimitri with a significant amount of gold. The descendants of Rcheulishvili keep an old chest, with which he sent the gold home to his beloved wife, Sasha Javakhishvili. After returning to the homeland, Dimitri Rcheulishvili bought large pieces of land in Vazisubani, Kakheti. He built a house and a Marani (a wine cellar) with his project and became a landlord. In the 17th century, King Vakhtang the Fifth ordered to count Karalashvilis to build the village. They honestly fulfilled the command. Karalshvilis built the defensive wall as well as the village itself. At this time, from the town Artana located in the southern part of Georgia, which was semi-Armenian and semi-Georgian, Georgian families were transferred and settled in this area. Settlers named the village Artana. Simashvilis were peasants under Karalashvili family influence. A family church built by them in the 16th century still stands to this day. Both of these families lived in the village of Artana, located at the foot of the Caucasus. They were famous in Kakheti for exceptional singing and delicious wines Rcheulishvili’s family had a special friendship with Karalashvilis and Simashvilis Families and often visited them in village Artana. Because of this great friendship of ancestors, the descendants of Rcheulishvili family bought vineyards in Artana and started to make wine in 2007. Today winery “Artana Wines” is owned by Akhvledianis and Gamrekelis and produces natural wines since 2014. The Region: Kakheti, Georgia, The Region: Kakheti, Georgia

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