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It's Your Birthday 2019

It's Your Birthday 2019

The Wine: It's Your Birthday 2019 Stagiaire Wine It's your Birthday is, in the words of the winemaker Brent Mayeaux a "blend of Carignan and macerated and direct pressed Sauvignon Blancs from Mendocino County. All organic and dry-farmed. More of a light red than rose' and no smoky character in this vintage. Candied cheery, pineapple, healthy soil. Somebody said this tastes like Matassa Ace of Spades. Not me. Somebody else." The Producer: Stagiaire Wine Stagiaire Wine is a project led by soft-spoken talented winemaker Brent Mayeaux. Brent is part of a scene of young winemakers who are changing the face of Santa Cruz Mountains wine region. Brent's dedication and talent are reflected in his wines, very precise, characterized by a perfectly balanced acidity that brings them to life. A must-try natural wine producer for all those who are willing to explore California every-complex natural wine landscape. The Region: Santa Cruz Mountains, The Region: Santa Cruz Mountains

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