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Humus White LB19 2019

Humus White LB19 2019

The Wine: Humus White LB19 2019 Encosta da Quinta, Quinta do Paço Humus White LB19 is a white natural wine made from organic grapes grown in Óbidos, southwestern Portugal. Spontaneous fermentation, bottled unfiltered and unfined, no added sulfites. Medium to light body white wine, savory and refreshing, pair with fish-based dishes. The Producer: Encosta da Quinta Encosta da Quinta, Quinta do Paço, is a family-owned estate of about 20 hectares located in Alvorninha, near Óbidos, between the Atlantic Ocean and Serra dos Candeeiros, southwestern Portugal. Rodrigo Felipe is the family winemaker, working the 10 hectares of the estate planted with vineyards and producing wine under the label Humus. The estate is certified organic and Rodrigo makes his wines naturally. The Region: Óbidos Óbidos is a Denominação de Origem Controlada (DOC) located in the wider Lisboa wine region, southwestern Portugal. The area is at around 150-200 meters above sea level, squeezed between the Atlantic Ocean and the Serra dos Candeeiros range. The climate is mostly maritime, with cool temperatures and good aeration – a steady but mild breeze from the Atlantic Ocean. The main soil formations are calcareous and limestone with clay. Combined with the climate the result is a long ripening season, great for grapes’ acidity level., The Region: Óbidos

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