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Fracia Valtellina Riserva 2017

Fracia Valtellina Riserva 2017

The Wine: Fracia Valtellina Riserva 2017 Barbacan Fracia Valtellina Riserva 2017, subzone Valgella, is a red wine made from 100% Chiavennasca (local name for Nebbiolo) grapes grown organically in Valtellina, Lombardy, Northern Italy. This is Barbacan top of the line wine coming from their steepest vineyard; long maceration on the skins and aging in big botti. Earthy, complex, a true masterpiece. The Producer: Barbacan Barbacan is a small, family-owned winery of only 6 hectares. The vineyards are located on terraced slopes characteristic of Valtellina, a narrow valley northeast of Milan, Lombardy. The steepness of the terraces makes working these vineyards extremely difficult, hence the designation "heroic viticulture". At Barbacan everything is done by hand in the most natural way possible: no chemicals in the vineyards or in the cellar, no industrial yeasts, spontaneous fermentation, unfined, unfiltered, no added sulfites. One of the few 100% natural winemakers in Valtellina. The Region: Lombardy, The Region: Lombardy

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