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Ephraim Mel Macabeu Orange 2020

Ephraim Mel Macabeu Orange 2020

The Wine: Ephraim Mel Macabeu Orange 2020 Sifer Wines Ephraim Mel Macabeu Orange is a skin-contact natural wine made from 100% Macabeu grapes farmed sustainably in Tarragona, Priorat, Catalonia. The Producer: Sifer Wines The characteristics of our vineyards in Calaceite, Teruel, are very similar to those of the Terra Alta Designation of origin in Tarragona. In the terroir, located at an altitude between 300 and 350 m above sea level, we have rather poor soils, composed of 38.50% sand, 22% clay, and 39.50% silt. On the other hand, we have a rather continental climate, in the sense that the temperatures in summer rise a lot but also fall relatively at night, which is very positive for quality ripening. Far from what many may believe, the high daytime temperatures, when they exceed 35 ºC (we rarely reach them), are not good for the vineyard since they stop photosynthesis, but the contrast with the temperatures at night, around the 11ºC, it is very good. We also have a relatively low rainfall, around 500 liters per year, which forces us to till the land very well. Some years and depending on how this rainfall is distributed, it is a bit fair but, on the other hand, it makes us have moderate vigor and low relative humidity, very good for the phytosanitary state of the vines: mildew is rarely seen and, practically, the oidium only has to be controlled with sulfur. Thanks to these characteristics and to the viticulture work, the vintages are usually ripe and healthy and allow clean elaborations, without the need to add anything to the musts to obtain good and unique wines. The Region: Priorat, The Region: Priorat

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