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Canyons Pinot Noir 2020

Canyons Pinot Noir 2020

The Wine: Canyons Pinot Noir 2020 Vin de California (VDC) Canyons Pinot Noir is a red natural wine made from 100% biodynamic Pinot Noir from Topotero Vineyard, San Luis Obispo AVA, California. Winemaker's notes: "Canyons is our attempt at an Alsatian style Pinot Noir. Fresh, bright with lots of acidity. Bright red fruit, Pop rocks, and cherry cola. 22ppm total S02 added. 60 Cases made." The Producer: Vin de California (VDC) Vin de California is the brainchild of Adam and Kate Vourvoulis who started this project in 2016 in Los Angeles. Adam and Kate "make wines from heritage varieties in a totally natural way." Their winery is located in Pasadena, at the back of their wine store Good Luck Wine Shop, the best in the area for everything natural wine. The Region: Contra Costa, The Region: Contra Costa

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