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Cantina Furlani Rosato Frizzante 2020

Cantina Furlani Rosato Frizzante 2020

Type: Sparkling Rosé Producer: Cantina Furlani Country: Italy Region: Trentio-Alto Grape: Pinot Noir Year: 2020 Farming: Organic/Biodynamic This 2020 is a cloud of soft-focus pink in the glass. Made in the 'Champagne method' with no added sulfur or other nasty additives, unfined and unfiltered, with all the crisp fruit and subtle herbaceous notes of the alpine hills that overlook the city of Trento. Strawberry, raspberry, rhubarb, pear, watermelon, lime grapefruit citrus - bit of barnyard brings the ethereal palate to earth.

we'll let you know when it arrives

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