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Buttafuoco 2019

Buttafuoco 2019

The Wine: Buttafuoco 2019 Bruno Verdi Buttafuoco dell'Oltrepo' Pavese is a red natural wine made from a blend of 65% Croatina, 25% Barbera, and 10% Uva Rara. The vineyards are divided into several parcels located in the neighboring villages of Canneto Pavese and Castana. After manual harvesting, the grapes are destemmed and undergo a two-day cold maceration; then, there is a brief fermentation period with a series of remontages which results in a wine of substantial concentration but with very gentle tannins. The Producer: Bruno Verdi The Verdi family can trace its viticultural origins back seven generations to the 18th century when Antonio Verdi came from Parma to settle in the Oltrepò Pavese. The original farm was founded on wheat and corn production; mulberries were grown for the leaves, used for feeding silkworms; and, of course, grapevines were planted. Luigi, of the third generation of Verdis, was the first to transform the family’s grapes into wine. However, it was Bruno who, after World War II, was the first to bottle his wine at the estate. He put his own name on the label and Bruno Verdi wines were born. His son, Paolo, now carries on the tradition skillfully bringing the estate into the modern era. Verdi’s vineyards are spread over four separate plots of land on the hillsides surrounding the village of Canneto Pavese which itself is located in the hills immediately south of the towns of Broni and Stradella. The cantina is situated in the hamlet of Vergomberra within the limits of Canneto Pavese. The Region: Lombardy, The Region: Lombardy

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