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Biancofongoli 2020

Biancofongoli 2020

The Wine: Biancofongoli 2020 Fongoli Biancofongoli is a skin-contact natural wine (orange wine) from Umbria, Central Italy, made from a blend of 85% Trebbiano Spoletino and 15% Grechetto grapes grown organically and following biodynamic principles. No chemicals are used in the vineyard. The grapes are left macerate with their skins for 48 hours, fermentation is spontaneous with native yeast. Biancofongoli is a medium body wine with notes of white fruit and ripe white fruit. Serve chilled. The Producer: Fongoli Fongoli is an organic-certified 35-hectare estate, cultivated according to biodynamic methods comprising of vineyards, woods, arable land, an olive grove, and a natural truffle-ground. They have always paid attention to the environment, but during the last 10 years, they have implemented a fully-integrated natural method. In the vineyards, Fongoli abandoned the rotating machines in favor of minimum tillage tools and we have started working on soil's health by planting legumes and other crops. The estate is certified organic – CCPB certifying body – and we only use estate-grown grapes; no sulfur or industrial yeasts is used during winemaking. The Region: Abruzzo, The Region: Abruzzo

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