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Battered Sav Savagnin 2020

Battered Sav Savagnin 2020

The wine: Battered Sav Savagnin 2020 Borachio Battered Sav Savagnin is a natural wine from Australia made from a blend of 75% Chardonnay and 25% Savagnin grapes farmed sustainably. Producer's notes: "We all fantasize, we all have dreams. Tasting this wine, I’m under Norfolk Island pine and there’s a refreshing ocean breeze and the taste of salt in the air. There’s someone shucking oysters directly into my mouth and I’m drinking this exact wine from the bottle. With a straw. Nothing matters and I couldn’t care less about anything but right now. Life is cool and balanced. One day." The Producer: Borachio Wines Borachio Wines is the brainchild of Alicia Basa and Mark Warner, located in Carey Gully, Adelaide Hills, Southern Australia. Alicia and Mark source their fruit from organically farmed vineyards in Mount Compass and Mount Torrens and make wine naturally without additives or preservatives. The Region: Mount Compass, South Australia, The Region: Mount Compass, South Australia

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