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About Grapes

Grapes started when two friends became interested in natural wine and they met a somm turned wine shop owner who helped them navigate what felt like a really overwhelming space. Every time they ordered a new case of wine, it was apparent their feedback had been considered. They’d ask her to pick some dry, light reds, she’d send some. They’d tell her how much they loved what she had sent, she’d make a note of which ones we liked, exposed them to new wines that she knew they’d like and over time the two friends thought about how easy and fun she had made this whole journey.


It wasn’t so much about just learning about wine (which they incidentally did) but they realized how much she helped them to learn about what they like and how much she made them feel comfortable to explore that and figure things out for themselves.  The great thing about that whole process was that the more they learned, the more knowledgeable and confident they became, the better the whole process worked. And the two friends realized that this should really be the model for buying wine for everyone, from the novice to the wine obsessed.


Not everyone has access to a version of this person, a somm or an expert. So the two friends set out to create something that would replicate that experience as closely as possible. And here we are. Those two friends founded Grapes. 


Pouring Back

The DNA of Grapes is largely rooted in ways to give back to the source of our community. The Grapes Producer Program enables our customers to participate in our charitable Co-Op, simply by shopping with us. With the help of our network partners, we allocate a portion of every transaction to our Impact Fund.


This fund allows us to contribute in a far more meaningful way as an organized collective, identifying and supporting areas of need in the natural wine world, specifically with our community of winemakers. By utilizing the power of joined vision, we can amplify the impact on our community and affect outcomes in very real ways.


By shopping with Grapes, you are helping to bring true impact to action and we thank you not only for your business, but for helping us give back to our community. Watch this space for updates on the positive impact of the Producer Program.

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